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Injury Management Services

Injury Management Services

The Full Story

Ralph Philpott has over 15 years of experience working with Workers Compensation Boards across Canada and the USA. Ralph is highly motivated, skilled, and accomplished professional with diverse Safety and Workers compensation experience. 

Why Hire SafetyBros for your Injury Management needs?

The success of any injury management program depends on three things;

  • Actively managing incidents that involved worker injury

  • Maintaining open communication between all stakeholders, and

  • Providing temporary suitable duties (modified and/or alternate) as necessary, that are within the injured worker's medical restrictions, physical limitations, and abilities

Early intervention is essential to both the worker's recovery and the cost-effective management of a claim. An immediate planned response can be initiated to determine if the worker is capable of staying at work performing their regular pre-injury duties, modifies duties, or alternate duties while the injury heals.

Benefits of Injury Management with SafetyBros,

  • Lower operating/overhead costs utilizing SafetyBros then hiring an internal candidate

  • Dedicated one point of contact for all parties involved in the claim management

  • Ensures fair and consistent treatment of all injured workers

  • Enables treatment and management of injuries from time of occurrence

  • Clear lines of communication between all parties

  • 15+ years of experience dealing with difficult and diverse claims across Canada and USA workers compensation boards

  • In depth review of current and dated workers compensation claims including seeking any cost relief options.


Alberta (WBC)
British Columbia (WorkSafeBC)
Ontario (WSIB)
Saskatchewan (WCB)
Manitoba (WCB)

What We Offer

SafetyBros will work with Provincial and Federal organizations on behalf of your company to manage all workplace injuries. We will:

  • Properly manage Workers Compensation claims from reporting to resolution.

  • Reduce Workers Compensations expenses.

  • Proactively collect and evaluate relevant information and documentation from workplace parties.

  • Review WCB Correspondence and determine next steps.

  • Develop back-to-work strategies for injured employees.

  • Ensure compliance with legislation.

  • Reduce risk of significant financial impacts and investigate cost relief strategies.

  • Develop customized programs based on individual circumstances for injured workers.

  • Communicate with WCB, employer and workers on a regular basis.

  • Chart all communication in Disability Management System.

Looking For Something Custom?

We can work with you to develop exactly what you need. Some of the additional services we can offer are:

  • Training your Health and Safety staff on how to effectively manage workplace injuries and the importance of doing so correctly and efficiently

  • Educating workers and employers on their responsibilities, obligations under the WBC Act and related policies

  • Provide monthly reports on Industry statistics and business unit comparisons

  • Incident Investigation Training for Supervisors and Managers

  • Workers Compensation advice and claim management services offered for both monopolistic and non-monopolistic states in the USA

  • OSHA 300/300a log management

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