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Safety Professionals Meeting

Incident Investigations


Prompt Completion of Incident Investigation

Running Short on staff and need safety investigations complete? We can assist in all types of incident investigations, meeting, and exceeding expectations from clients across all industries. SafetyBros will be available at all hours to answer emergency phone calls, a trained investigator will answer all questions and perform a formal investigation. 


30-60-90 Day Success Plans

Is it difficult to close out action items and even more difficult to get staff members to complete theirs? Let SafetyBros take the lead and assist with developing plans that are easy to follow and enforce giving you 100% success rates. 


Gap Analysis and Roadmaps

SafetyBros can set you up for success. Let us review past investigations to find areas of improvement. While working with your team we will develop forecasting models to assist us in creating a clear roadmap for you and your business moving forward. 


SafetyBros owner and operator, Ralph Philpott has over 20 years of experience handling workplace incidents and injuries. Ralph is a highly motivated, skilled, and accomplished professional with training in several different investigation programs/systems. Ralph will apply his knowledge of TapRoot, SCAT/DNV, LPS, and Apollo to bring your company the best incident investigations outcomes possible. 

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